A seventeen year old initiate to the Quel'ra Order, Thayne has spent the last eight years of his life within the walls of the Grey Citadel, training with sword and force of will to take his place among the self-appointed justiciars of humanity. Now on the eve of his Testing, Thayne must enter the terrifying Harkness and hunt a killer. There are forces watching his trials, though, powers that will alter the course of Creation forever...


Haakath was once the captain of the Inner Guard, warriors tasked with defending the Calos city of Los Ga'Reel and, more importantly, forbidding the way to the Blind Door. Haakath is now a dark shadow of himself, maddened and cursed like all his fallen Calos kin. For him, the curse is as much about what he did not do as what he did and so he now wanders the ruined city of Los Ga'Reel with a fanatic's zeal to cleanse its walls of heretics and invaders.